1. Sign the petitions

Call on the government to stop BP from drilling: Sign the petition

And ask Minister McKenna: Halt BP’s drilling and reassess the risks: Sign the petition

Download the petition to print it for friends and colleagues. You can mail it postage free to:

Catherine McKenna
House of Commons Ottawa,
Ontario Canada
K1A 0A6

2. Share this with friends and colleagues

The more people who know about BP’s plans, the better.

3. Write to your political representatives

Tell your representative that you want the offshore drilling to stop.


Hon. Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Mayor, Municipality of the Dist. Of Lunenburg   mayor@modl.ca

town of lunenburg logo

Hon. Rachel Bailey, Mayor, Town of Lunenburg                                                rbailey@explorelunenburg.ca


Hon. David Dagley, Mayor, Region of Queens Municipality  rmaclellan@regionofqueens.ca     (CAO)

municipality of the district of shelburne

Hon. Penny Smith, Warden, Municipality of the Dist. Of Shelburne    warden@municipalityofshelburne.ca


Hon. George Harding, Mayor, Town of Lockeport   mayoroflockeport@gmail.com

town of shelburne.jpg

Hon. Karen Mattatall, Mayor, Town of Shelburne   mayor@town.shelburne.ns.ca

town of clark's harbour

Hon. Leigh Stoddart, Mayor, Town of Clark’s Harbour                                          leighstoddart@eastlink.ca

mun of barrington logo

Hon. Eddie Nickerson, Warden, Munic. of Barrington  enickerson@barringtonmunicipality.com

mun of argyle logo

Hon. Richard Donaldson, Warden, Municipality of Argyle rdonaldson@munargyle.com

municipality of the district of yarmouth

Hon. Leland Anthony, Warden, Municipality of the Dist. Of Yarmouth   leland@district.yarmouth.ns.ca

town of yarmouth

Hon Pam Mood, Mayor, Town of Yarmouth   mayor.mood@townofyarmouth.ca

mun of clare logo

Hon. Ronnie LeBlanc, Warden, Municipality of Clare                                  rleblanc@municipality.clare.ns.ca

mun of digby logo

Hon. Jimmy MacAlpine, Warden, Municipality of the Dist. of Digby        jmacalpine@municipality.digby.ns.ca

town of digby

Hon. Ben Cleveland, Mayor, Town of Digby bcleveland@digby.ca