Protect Nova Scotia’s coastlines from Big Oil

CPONS is a project of the South Shore Chapter of the Council of Canadians

CPONS 2019

Spring 2019 brings threats of proposed exploratory drilling directly adjacent to Sable Island and Seismic Testing perilously close to sensitive fishery spawning sights and Right Whale habitat   Our public Facebook page ‘Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia’ has up to the minute details of CPONS action, news and events.  Thank you for visiting!


We see a Nova Scotia with clean ocean waters and a vibrant, sustainable economy, communities and industries. We envision a time when Nova Scotians no longer allow offshore exploration and development to put our ocean at risk.


To protect Nova Scotia waters, shorelines and ecosystems from risks associated with offshore exploration and development.


  1. Ensure that decisions about exploration and development in offshore Nova Scotia are made by the people most impacted.
  2. Secure a moratorium on exploration and development in Nova Scotia’s entire offshore area.
  3. Collaborate with and support other groups that have similar vision and goals.


Governments grant permits.
Only communities grant permission.

– Federal Liberal campaign platform 2015

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The export value of Nova Scotia’s seafood products in 2016:

$1.8 billion

Estimated revenues from tourism in 2016:

$2.6 billion

Royalty payments from offshore oil production between 2000 and 2016:

$1.9 billion

In one year, tourism and fisheries brought more value to the province than 16 years of offshore oil royalties. Is offshore drilling worth the risk? 

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